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Aligyro Settings

Aligyro iPhone Settings


In App Settings

Switch between multiple themes. For now there are two. There may be more in the future. What theme would you like?
Difficulty Level
Switch between the 4 difficulty levels. The levels are described on the support page.
High Score
A separate RPM high score is recorded for each level. As the levels progress, they each have a higher rpm limit.
Sound Effects
There are two sound effects. A click which indicates the start of a rotation. A symphony which grows in volume as your speed increases.
The help screen is the same information as on the support page.

Resetting High Score

Aligyro installs a High Score Reset button in the device Settings app. To reset the high score:

  • Click on your devices Settings App.
  • Scroll down the list until you get to Aligyro.
  • Click on Aligyro.
  • Slide the Reset button to On.
  • The next time you go to Aligyro, the high score will be reset to all zeros.

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