FractalScapes Interactive Fractal Art Designer

Original Fractal Art creation for anyone

Create fun beautiful interactive fractal designs for the iPad and iPhone. FractalScapes helps non-artists create art.

The free version lets you play with the fractal colors, angles and filters. In-App purchase is required to enable editing the fractal rules.

FractalScapes helps you create beautiful, interesting, geometric and plant like fractals. You can start from a blank canvas (Premium IAP), use the provided samples or start with someone else's fractal shared in the cloud.

FractalScapes is the only iOS fractal application which uses the touch interface to let you drag and drop rules for creating new fractals. Please see our video for an example of using your finger to rearrange the fractal rules and create totally new fractals with ease.


FractalScapes is an excellent educational tool. The fractal creation is interactive letting students see the effects of different rule positions immediately. The playback feature lets them see the creation of the fractal step by step. The playback is interactive so if there is an area of the fractal they don't understand, they can slide back and forth through that area to see what is going on. In advanced mode (Premium IAP), rules can be selectively excluded allowing one to see the impact of a set of rules without deleting and re-adding them.


* export as a PNG with a transparent background then post to sharing sites or import into a drawing package and create a forest. - Includes a FractalScapes watermark which can be removed with in-app purchase.

Premium In-App Purchase (IAP) enables:

* edit rules and create fractals from scratch.

* no watermark on shared images.

* export as a vector PDF then import into a vector drawing package

* share to the FractalScapes cloud where others can find and appreciate your creations

** NOTE: While you can edit fractals on an iPhone 4 or 5, it is not recommended. For editing, you should have an iPhone 6 or bigger. The touch interface on iPad 2 or iPhone 4 is not nearly as responsive as the newer devices.

*** iPad 2 and other non-retina devices will not have the filters functionality. The app might display filtered fractals but will not have filter editing.