Beta Testing

* Tip: Just play with the rules and filters and be surprised. It is very difficult to make intentional designs. It is much more interesting to discover accidental designsAfter almost a year of sporadic development, FractalScapes build 322 has been released for open beta testing. 

If you are interested in helping to beta tests this new iOS Fractals app, just use the Sign up form to send me an email. You will then be sent a TestFlight invite for downloading TestFlight (Apple's test management application) and TestFlight will help you download the beta of FractalScapes. It is all free and the beta testing is appreciated.

What to test? As the first Beta, I would be really interested in usability feedback. Are there areas where the interface doesn't seem to make sense to you. Such as press and hold to drag the tiles. I am also concerned about the difficulty level of creating new fractals. I think FractalScapes is very usable from a "playing around" perspective. When editing a fractal, the user is started at the Filters tab where tapping a filter will immediately apply it to the view. The intent is to give the user immediate positive feedback. They can then progress to changing colors with the colors tab. Lastly, comes the actual editing of the fractal rules which is both the most satisfying and difficult.

FractalScapes Demo Videos are on the MOEDAE Vimeo Channel.

If you want to see what the current future plans are for FractalScapes.