Future Plans

Better Cloud Share

Add features to improve the Fractal iCloud share

Users can currently share fractals to the iCloud but they are all mashed together with no way to sort, rate, own or categorize the fractals.

One of the next features to add will be a way to better discover and organize the shared fractals.

There needs to be:

  • A way to delete a shared fractal

  • Show just the users shared fractals

  • Categorize fractals by type

  • Categorize fractals by anonymous user

  • Rate shared fractals and sort by rating

Image filters - Done!

Image filters are done and they look awesome.

People love image filters. They take a mundane image and transform it into something magical. My original intent had been for people to export a fractal as an image then apply filters in an image editing application of their choice. However it is so simple to add filters and so attractive to users that it seems silly not to include them. 

Here is an example of a fractal from before and after an image filter.

Click the images for full size.


Pre filter tree image.jpg
Before the filter

Kaleidoscope filter of tree.jpg
After Kaleidoscope Filter