FractalScape almost in beta

FractalScape almost in beta

Fractal bush

This bush image is an example of what can be done with the latest features added to FractalScape.

It can now do polygons and curves. Not quite to the level I would like but we are getting there. The leaves on the bush use both new features. Below are samples of with and without curves.

With Curves


In addition, numerous colors and textures have been added.


What's left before the beta?

Still want to do iCloud public sharing so people can explore and share their awesome designs.

Need to implement a method to add and remove rows of rules. Since the rule layout is not using the standard Cocoa UITable or collection, I have to decide whether to use swipe to delete or an action button to delete. Also need to decide how to allow the user to add a new row for rules? Action button, swipe, drag and drop?

Whether to use an action button which is explicit or a swipe which needs to be discovered?