FractalScape and Bluetooth LE

Having released Aligyro in December then releasing updates and fixes in January, the last few months have been spent working on two new projects. An iOS L-System fractal editor called FractalScape and an iOS app using low power Bluetooth to monitor and record mechanical pressure and stress.


There seem to be plenty of iOS apps on the store for viewing fractals of one type or another. There are apps for zooming in on colorful renderings of the Mandelbrot or Julia sets. There are apps selecting various L-System fractals and changing one or two parameters of a L-System fractal. There do not seem to be any iOS apps which let you create your own L-System (Lindenmayer System) fractals and modify all of the parameters on the fly.

Why an L-System editor?

Fantasy CircuitThey are great for making custom artwork, postcards and other media where you want to add a realistic 2D simulation of a plant. For example, you could make an L-System christmas tree, export it as an image then import it into a card or use it for a web graphic. You could duplicate the tree and make a forest by changing the size and z level. Add some L-System undergrowth for more detail.

Or you can just play with the geometric variations such as the Von Koch Curve. Then use the result as an iPhone background.


Release FractalScape will be available on the App Store this summer.
  • Gestures to change stroke width and angle.
  • Gestures for panning, scaling and rotating the fractal.
  • Ability to assign different colors of stroke and fill for each generation.
  • Fractal is generated at double the native resolution for detailed hi-res image exports.
  • Extensive library of plant and geometric examples to use as a starting point.

Low Power Bluetooth?

More later on the Bluetooth LE project.