FractalScapes has a Facebook page

In the interest of trying something new, I have created a Facebook page for FractalScapes. Still trying to figure out how this is different from a Facebook group and what it means to be "liked".

My hope would be that the Facebook page serves as a place for people to discuss what they like about FractalScapes and what they would like to see improved.

Meanwhile, none of that does any good if FractalScapes is not available on the app store. The last piece is to improve the initial user experience. Creating fractals is difficult and FractalScapes is the only iOS app which lets the user create new Fractals from scratch. This can be very daunting to a new user. I tried starting the app with filters to give immediate positive feedback but the filters are not fractals. In addition, press and hold to drag and drop is not obvious. I am currently working on improving the new user experience by adding a built-in tutorial. Also known by the very techno-babble sounding term, Onboarding. Hows that for a term your average user would understand?