FractalScapes in Open Beta

FractalScapes is in Open Beta

Just use the sign-up form to get your beta invite.

FractalScapes is getting closer to final open release to the app store. What's left? Well that depends on you and your feedback during the beta testing. What I would like to have done is in-app purchases and more user control over the public sharing of fractals. Rather than having a free and paid version of FractalScapes, I would like to just have a free version with in-app purchases. The free version will have all of the editing, a base set of colors, and image export with watermark. The current plan is to have in-app purchases for removing the watermark, exporting as a vector PDF and adding additional textures and colors.

Facebook Group

There is now a Facebook group for discussing FractalScapes and making feature requests. I have never used Facebook groups so we will see how it goes.

Thanks for trying out FractalScapes. 

For beta feedback, you can use: