How does FractalScapes work

FractalScapes is an L-System fractal generator. L-Systems is basically a graphics language with very simple rules. In most L-Systems, drawing rules are represented by letters of the alphabet such as "F" meaning draw a line. FractalScapes has replaced the letters with icons so in FractalScapes,

draw a line is represented by the icon: kBIconRuleDrawLine

Turn left is kBIconRuleRotateCC.

Turn right is kBIconRuleRotateC.

By putting the rules in sequence, you tell the application what to draw. so the sequence:

kBIconRuleDrawLinekBIconRuleRotateCC kBIconRuleDrawLinekBIconRuleRotateCkBIconRuleDrawLine

Draws a horizontal line connected to a upward vertical line connected to a rightward horizontal line.

Every l-system fractal starts with an initial sequence of rules which can be like the one above and the starting rules are labeled "Start" in the app editor. You can draw all sorts of shapes with curves, fills and lines but that is not the cool part. The cool part happens next. With "Replacement Rules" see the "Replacement Rules" in the FAQ.