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Autolayout crashing Xcode

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FractalScape uses autolayout in a custom UITableViewCell in a UITableView in a storyboard. One of the views in the custom cell is @IBDesignable which may or may not be a factor in what is described next.

I started to delete some of the view constraints and at some point, Xcode decided it couldn't handle life anymore and died. From that point on, whenever the FractalScape project was opened, it died before I could perform any editing such as removing all the offending constraints. 

After numerous attempts to try and delete constraints in the split second available between opening the project and Xcode dying, I was scratching my head at a loss for better ideas lost when I decided to try opening the storyboard independent of the project. It worked. I was able to revise the constraints without crashing Xcode and then load the project with the offending storyboard without further problems. A simple solution but one which at the time, was not immediately obvious. It will be in the future.

Onward to finishing FractalScape before Xmas.