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CocoaHeads Talk Materials

Code and links for the Philly CocoaHeads UICollectionView, IBDesignable, MVC Talk.
Basic code to setup the auto layout constraints for an array of views. The views can be laid out vertically or horizontally.
Calculates the horizontal and vertical constraints relative to the container edges for the passed view and collection index. When a new collection subview is created, it's constraints are saved in an NSMap collection container property and passed to the calcHConstraint method during the containers updateContraints.
Image PNG image FlowLayoutSample1.png
Image PNG image FlowLayoutSample1@2x.png
Image PNG image TableLayoutSample2.png
Image PNG image TableLayoutSample2@2.png
Image PNG image RulesViewWithLotsOfRows@2x.png
Image PNG image RulesViewWithLotsOfRows.png
File PDF document CocoaHeads IB_Designable and MVC.pdf
Slides for a talk given at Philadelphia chapter of CocoaHeads.