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Excited by MOOV NOW

Excited by MOOV NOW


A couple of months ago, I gave a Bluetooth Low Energy talk to Philly Cocoaheads about how easy it is to get started with BLE development. With awesome products like the Texas Instruments Simplelink for only $30, developers can break out of the virtual box and interact with the real world. During the talk I was brainstorming with the group on some ideas the would be great to implement. One of the ideas was the ability to track the motion of both feet when running and use this information to detect an imbalanced gait. Another idea was to be able to product test items like running shoes and see how much different models effect one's gait and impact g's.

Some personal background. In 2009, while training with my club team to go to the U.S. Ultimate Grand Masters National Championships, I landed in a hole and destroyed cartilage in my knee. After 5 years and a few surgeries, the knee is mostly pain free but there are all sorts of other joint pains. Are they caused by a lingering limp? Am I favoring one side and so causing excess stress? How do I find out? Products like Nike+ and Adidas MiCoach work on one foot and tell you your average speed. To detect an uneven gait, one needs two devices and software to compare the synchronized data from the two devices. I had considered doing this myself with the TI Simplelink but I am perfectly happy to have MOOV beat me to it. Assuming they get to including this functionality.

In addition, right now, I am suffering from a bad case of plantar fasciitis. I suspect it was caused by a severe heel impact with the ground during one of my biweekly soccer games. The question is how severe and would different cleats or inserts lessen the impact? How do we test this and reduce the likelihood of a repeat? Again the MOOV device attached to the ankle should really help. Instead of trying to feel the difference, there can be real data! As an engineer I like data. Data is good.

Two MOOV Now's ordered. Can't wait to try them out in September. Maybe even make an app for data.

The future's here and it's exciting.