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Digital waveform synthesizer for music

Way back in 1980-81 almost pre-digital

As a senior in high school, conceived of, designed, and implemented a programmable hardware and software based digital waveform synthesizer to be used as a keyboard synthesizer. This was in the day of analog MOOGs and FM synthesis.

Designed and bread boarded a digital circuit which involved filling a couple of RAM buffers with the desired cyclic waveform and volume envelope. A programmable clock was then used to feed the values from the buffers to a D/A, filter, op-amp as pre-amp then output to a normal amplifier. The board was programmed using a custom programmed written for a 6502 CPU and using an I/O board on an Ohio Scientific C4P computer. The circuit designed was mentored by an Electrical engineer in Edmonton, Alberta Canada during a Westtown Senior Project.

Unfortunately, the project was never commercialized. However a year later, and a mile down the road from my High School, Ensoniq was started with exactly the same concept and similar parts but as far as I know, totally unrelated to what I had done. Something in the local water perhaps?